What is Metabesity?

Metabesity is a constellation of chronic diseases of aging (including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and the aging process itself) that have common metabolic roots and may be delayed or prevented through common solutions.  Dr. Alexander Fleming first coined the phrase, now more widely used among geoscientists, educators, and the press, to denote that emerging geroscience holds out the prospect of preventing or delaying chronic diseases by delaying or even reversing biological aging through targeting the Pan-Condition of Metabesity, which underlines most conditions of age in age decline.

A major early initiative of the Institute was to co-produce and then take over the Targeting Metabesity Conferences organization to break down professional silos and publicize the translation of emerging geroscience among multiple stakeholders.

Break The Silos and take the Moonshot for healthy longevity for all.

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