2021 Coming in the Spring: The Kitalys Institute Campus

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The Kitalys Institute has partnered with Community Builders, Redstring, to create an online Campus for silo breaking, education, and continuing collaboration.

Current Priorities of the Kitalys Institute

• Following up Metabesity 2020 and organizing Metabesity 2021

• Organizing other Healthy Longevity and Healthspan educational events

• Pursuing Project Healthspan with the new Congress in 2021

• Pursuing Project Endpoints, building on discussions Kinexum has had with high-ranking FDA officials such as Janet Woodcock, Bob Temple, and Peter Stein, to clarify regulatory pathways for healthspan interventions, e.g., through new endpoints, new biomarkers/surrogate markers, and even a new Center or Office for interventions targeting biological aging

• Launching the Kitalys Institute Online Campus for building collaborations among a committed global community and ecosystem for the actions necessary to realize the ‘healthy longevity dividend.

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