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The Kitalys Institute is a membership community dedicated to breaking down silos among the professions that impact aging. With information sharing, collaboration, and camaraderie, our Members will be a force for achieving the Moonshot of healthy longevity in the next decade.

The Community Center… a fun, personal space that fosters discussion and camaraderie. Members can submit and update their profile, see who they have connected with, add posts of a general nature, and make quick arrangements to meet personally and professionally. Members have access to online exercises, music, sound healing, guided mediation, and other protocols to support their personal goals of successful, productive aging and healthy longevity.

The Community Center

The Center for Education and Information Sharing

The Center for Education and Information Sharing is the informational heart of The Kitalys Institute, where webinars, seminars, white papers, and chats are just some of the vehicles available for world-wide silo breaking, co-education and information exchange. Videos, audios, and audio readings of books, white papers, and other written materials will be available. Members will post their curated content and have access to volunteer readers and volunteer language translators, enhanced audios, and volunteer signers for videos if they wish to make their information accessible to all.

The Center for Imagination and Creation. Members will have unique tools for creativity and imagination. Whether it is art, guided decision making, technology, mind mapping or other extraordinary protocols for individual or collaborative creativity in the field of healthy longevity, or the reimagination of the future of aging, members will have access to breakthrough processes.

The Center for Imagination and Creation

The Center for Idea Exchange and Collaboration

The Center for Idea Exchange and Collaboration is the place where grants and fellowships will be available for furthering the moonshot of healthy longevity for all. Members will have the opportunity to set up private, public or limited-access meetings to exchange ideas, express needs, and otherwise collaborate on projects that were generated through the Education and Sharing Center or otherwise.

The Center for Translation and Real World Manifestation is where Members discover the latest regulations, legislation, and protocols world-wide for bringing advancements in geroscience, better aging, and health longevity into the public health arena. This area of the Institute's community is devoted to real-world scientific translation, cultural, social, and built environment structures for longevity, and business building.

The Center for Translation and Real World Manifestation

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