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The Kitalys Institute CampusĀ is a community dedicated to breaking down silos among the professions that impact aging. With information sharing, collaboration, and camaraderie, The Campus is a forceful vehicle for achieving the Moonshot of healthy longevity in the next decade.

Campus activities include:

Organizing conferences, webcasts, courses, online forums, publications, and similar vehicles to identify issues, debate, and exchange of views, and delivery of solutions to relevant fields, policymakers, and the public.

Conducting or funding research, issuing, or commissioning white papers, establishing prizes, and engaging in other activities of a 'think tank' to support, elucidate, recognize, publicize, and educate.


Benefits Of Your Free Membership Include:

Network with others intent on increasing Healthspan.

Educate and be educated by the top minds in aging, geroscience, public and healthcare policy, finance, human behavior, and social change.

The Kitalys Institute Campus is not just a virtual gathering place but an international forum for the exchange of ideas and the facilitation of our mission of increased health longevity for all.

Help Us Build Our Library for Education and Information Sharing

Our Library for Education and Information Sharing is the informational heart of The Kitalys Institute, where webinars, seminars, white papers, and chats are just some of the vehicles available for world-wide silo breaking, co-education and information exchange. Videos, audios, and audio readings of books, white papers, and other written materials will be available. Members will post their curated content and have access to volunteer readers and volunteer language translators, enhanced audios, and volunteer signers for videos if they wish to make their information accessible to all.

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