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Our first undertaking at the Kitalys Institute is creating an awareness of the need for faster, cost-effective, and efficient regulatory pathways for advancements of geroscience into public health. We call this endeavor Project Healthspan.

Models for our effort include the Health of Nations organized by the All-Party Parliamentary Group UK and the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine US.

Among our goals are:

  1. Examination of Federal Law Section 3033-3036 on accelerated approval, regulatory guidance, and technical standards for regenerative medicine, as a possible avenue for the objective.
  2. Conducting a necessary education and awareness campaign for legislative officials and staff.
  3. Polling/focus groups on framing, messaging, and language on healthy longevity.
  4. Formation of a Healthspan Caucus.
  5. Create a whitepaper to motivate policymakers to focus on the issue.

Our Primary Focus Issues & Findings

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have shown that removing senescent cells can increase the lifespan of a mouse by up to 35 percent.

In a small trial on adult males, researchers at Stanford demonstrated that it was possible to reverse the epigenetic clock by two years and regenerate the thymus.

Researchers in the Sinclair lab have demonstrated that it is possible to restore a mouse's capacity to regenerate nerve cells, an ability which is usually lost early in life.

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