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Our first undertaking at The Kitalys Institute is creating an awareness of the need for faster, cost-effective, and efficient regulatory pathways for advancements of geroscience into public health. We call this endeavor Project Healthspan.

Models for our effort include the Health of Nations organized by the All-Party Parliamentary Group UK and the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine US.

Among our Projects are:

Project Healthspan: Making Increased Healthy Longevity for All a National Goal and Government Policy through Advocacy, Education, and Coalition  

Project Healthspan, a pro bono consortium consisting of the American Federation for Aging Research, the Gerontological Society of America, the Academy of Health and Lifespan Research, and others seeking federal legislation to promote a national priority and development of interventions for extending Healthspan.

We plan to coordinate with the National Academy of Medicine, NIA, FDA, and other entities to educate law and policymakers, and the public on the benefits and necessity of extending healthy longevity for all with the new Congress in 2021.

The Endpoint Initiative: Making the prevention and delay of chronic diseases and age-related decline a regulatory endpoint

As it stands, our healthcare system seeks cure over prevention and silos diseases rather than targeting their common causes. Our regulatory system contributes to research silos by supporting disease-focused modalities. Through advocacy, education, and coalition, we are moving the needle toward a focus on preventing the targeted common causes of aging.

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