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To address challenges and opportunities in translating emerging science to prevent chronic disease and extend healthy longevity.

Metabesity 2020 Offered 79 Speakers,
Attracted 1,000 Attendees, Worldwide, and
Presented an Emerging Company Showcase of 22 Metabesity Related Start-ups. 

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Expanding evidence supports that the major chronic diseases—cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and the aging process itself—have common metabolic roots and thus may be susceptible to common solutions. Metabesity names this constellation of conditions.

But, the challenges of targeting age-related diseases and aging collectively are not just technical: Regulatory agencies have not yet described pathways for a product that is claimed to delay aging; companies and financiers are not interested in running and paying for clinical trials perceived as involving hundreds of thousands of subjects over a decade or more to demonstrate prevention; and payers are reluctant to pay for products and services today for which the benefits may not be reaped for decades.

TARGETING METABESITY 2021 takes on some of the most important issues in healthcare today:

  • Increasing the focus on major chronic diseases
  • Shifting the emphasis from isolated disease management to prevention of multiple diseases
  • Going beyond treating individual diseases to extending healthy lifespan—healthspan.Bringing together stellar speakers from multiple disciplines, from science and medicine, government regulation and policy, reimbursement, industry and capital markets, patient advocacy, and others, Metabesity 2020, building on Metabesity 2017 and Metabesity 2019, is a continuing call to action and a silo-busting conversation for tractable steps today to address major healthcare challenges. The health and quality of life of billions of humans, and trillions of dollars in savings and opportunity, are at stake.Given the extraordinary conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have converted our plans for a face-to-face conference in Washington, DC, to a virtual conference format, with free attendance options, spanning October 12-15, 2020 for this important conversation.  Please do join us!Alexander Fleming, MD, & Lawrence Steinman, MD

    Targeting Metabesity 2020 Co-Chairs

Break The Silos and take the Moonshot for healthy longevity for all.

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