Scientific advances are being made at an ever-increasing pace.  The catalyst for the formation of the Institute is the emergence of geroscience in recent decades that holds the promise of preventing or delaying chronic diseases by delaying or even reversing biological aging.

We know that with this goal comes multiple challenges, some that will only emerge as we progress. The inspiration for the Kitalys Institute emerged as Dr. Alexander Fleming re-imagined the increased speed (with safety) with which advances in geroscience could be an integral part of public health. Dr. Fleming realized from the outset that those striving to achieve this lofty goal would face barriers to success. For example, the ultimate goal of longer, healthy aging is retarded by uncertainty in regulation and policy, misalignment of incentives, lack of knowledge and coordination across age-related disciplines, incomplete education about and absence of public debate regarding longevity advances, their translation, and their societal implications.

Instead of considering these barriers as problems, the Kitalys Institute has re-framed them to be opportunities. 

We have developed and indentified three essential challenges that are at the core of our mission and that the Kitalys Institute is uniquely capable of asserting and overcoming:

  1. We challenge the ageist culture that seeks to treat aging as a burden. We approach ageism by changing the biological and cognitive way that we age so that ageist thinking becomes obsolete in the face of healthy, productive longevity.

  1. We challenge the notion of the inevitability of longevity inequality. We will achieve broad and equitable access to the resulting public health benefits. Our Director is working with United Nations NGO on Aging to include longevity equality as part of the World Health Organization's sustainable goals.

  1. We challenge the silos in which the professionals in age-related endeavors now operate. As such, we have created an online community and Targeting Metabesity2020 Conference as our primary vehicles for breaking down those silos.

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