Our Mission

The mission of the Kitalys Institute is to accelerate and promote the translation of scientific advances into material, accessible gains in public health.



Scientific advances are being made at an ever-increasing pace but taking too long to reach us.  Why? Barriers to the speedy adoption of scientific advancements include uncertainty in regulatory policy and its interpretation, misalignment of incentives, lack of knowledge and coordination across disciplines, incomplete or no education or public debate about such advances, and their societal implications.


Our Healthspan objective has become a movement. Scientists, business leaders, government officials, age activists, and United Nations representatives are forging ahead—but often still in silos. Now, the Kitalys Institute, which produces Metabesity Conferences, a knowledge-sharing Campus, and other Healthspan initiatives, is rallying diverse efforts to realize our common goals.


The Kitalys Institute focuses on moving evidence-based science forcefully toward regulatory approval and public-health integration, distinguishing it from age-related and geroscience-driven organizations with single-disease and patient-population approaches.


By researching solutions to the common causes of aging …what is called the hallmarks of aging… geroscience has discovered ways through pharmacies, medical devices, and personal behavioral change that palpably maintains our age, reverses age decline, and keeps us healthy for longer years.


Our mission is to make these advancements available to all and to work hand throughout the world with like-minded organizations. There is no victory over aging without healthspan equality.

Public Health

Aging, like our environment, is a public health issue, not a medical or social issue alone. The Kitalys Institute mission is to translate scientific advancements into public health process and policy and be a resource and catalyst to increasing Healthspan as a worldwide movement for all.