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Extension of healthy longevity (by preventing or delaying chronic diseases) constitutes the greatest healthcare challenge and opportunity of the 21st century, subsuming the Wars on Cancer, Obesity, Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes, with trillions of dollars at stake in the opportunity to materially bend the unsustainable trajectory of increasing public and private healthcare costs, and to sell goods and services to a significant new market segment of active, alert, engaged elderly-to-super-elderly consumers.

Kitalys occupies a distinctive and critical, interdisciplinary, non-commercial ‘lane’ focused on accelerating the translation of emerging science into gains in public health and harvesting of the ‘healthy longevity dividend’.

We stand at an early and highly leveraged point in the emerging healthy longevity ecosystem; with the Kitalys focus on building ‘silo-busting’ networks, respected brand and demonstrated record of delivering thought and action leadership, donors can help accelerate, consolidate, and shape the emergence of a ‘century-defining’ sector

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Those taking the Moonshot with us of healthy longevity in the next decade have multiple opportunities to participate:

Support the Targeting Metabesity 2021 Virtual Conference--Click here for our  Quick Look Flyer.

Donate to the Institute: The Kitalys Institute is a Virginia not-for-profit corporation formed in June 2020, currently applying for IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.) Donations may be retroactively deductible if status is obtained.

Volunteer your services or products: We are looking for advisory board members, content curators, health-related apps, and product providers for our members. If you are public relations, social media, content, or marketing savvy we may have a volunteer opportunity that speaks to your special skills.

Donate directly to grants and fellowships. We have partnered with for immediate acceptance of tax-deductible donations earmarked for fellowships and grants.

Planned Giving: Family Offices, Philanthropists, Trustees, Banks, Investment and Tax Advisors, Trusts and Estates Attorneys: Contact our Executive Director Adriane Berg, to discuss the benefits of planned giving at Ms. Berg is a trusts and estates attorney and author of many books on effective planned giving. She will consult with you or your representative on how to make the most of your donative contributions.

Planned Giving: Family Offices, Philanthropists, Trustees, Banks, Investment and Tax Advisors: Contact Executive Director Adriane Berg at

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